A Trial Period Is a Must!

In the article Déterminer son profil franchisé=un risque on the website of the Conseil québécois de la franchise we talked about the advantages for franchisors to make their policies and procedures simple and effective, to keep to the minimum the list of skills required to operate their franchises and thus to ensure access to a … Continued

Simplify Access to Financing for Prospective Franchisees

So, you found your candidate who has the right skills, shares the same values as you, has the experience needed, and has the same vision… GREAT!  But the candidate does not have 100% of the amount necessary to finance his project of becoming a franchisee. Sure, you can give him some basic advice and let … Continued

Are Your Franchisees Fit for Your Network?

By understanding the vulnerability and strength of a franchisor-franchisee relationship, we can’t help comparing banners to domino structures, more or less grand and elaborate, depending on the size of a franchise network. While independent by itself, each domino tile is however dependent on the whole formation to which it belongs. Standing up, it is a … Continued

Pass GO and Make Your Network Grow!

So you are looking for prospective franchisees to grow your network. However, many of them quit the game as soon as they land on the Investment square… and you’re back to square one. The more expensive your franchise concept is, the more limited your pool of prospects would be. Of course, with higher required investments … Continued