What to Do When You Receive an Application

So, your FlagFranchise dashboard shows that you have received one or – even better – several applications. You see a list of names with compatibility ratings next to them. Great! Now what? When you receive an application, the first step would be to read the attached compatibility report (see Understanding Your FlagFranchise Report). The FlagFranchise … Continued

Understanding Your FlagFranchise Report

Are you looking for quality franchisees to add to your network? You’ve completed the introspection step (also read Franchisors, Are You Ready for Introspection?), and you have your profile on FlagFranchise.com. You now have access to a list of compatible candidates, each of them with a percentage indicator next to their name. But what does … Continued

Reduce Unconscious Bias in Recruitement

Franchisee selection is a complex, multi-step process, which varies based on many factors, including the size of the franchise network. However, the interview phase is a must for all franchisors. This step can easily become tedious and complicated if you are not well prepared for it: receiving applications, reviewing CVs, sorting, ranking, interviewing, evaluating candidates… … Continued

Making Your Contract Work!

There is no secret: good business means good friends. And good business starts with a solid contract. Yet a poorly prepared contract – or worse, no duly signed contract at all – is a common mistake that still happens in the franchise industry. In his article Jugement récent: Les risques de ne pas signer la … Continued