A franchise that makes your mouth water!

The first Rock’n Deli restaurant was founded in 1994. Since then, Rock’n Deli has garnered a large following of loyal customers who appreciate its high quality standards, unique dish preparation and presentation techniques, and outstanding service in a casual restaurant setting. The chain is known for its famous smoked meat sandwiches, using its proven authentic recipe for 24 years. Its a concept that is sure to please and is easily reproductible for new franchisees joining the chain. The franchisor provides all the training needed for success in terms of operational support and management tools.

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Watch the interview by FlagFranchise with Vicky Kolta of Rock’n Deli.

A Slice of History…
Smoked meat is a charcuterie specialty that many believe originated in Montreal, Quebec. Traditionally, sliced smoked meat is served in sandwiches on rye bread, piled with yellow prepared mustard and pickles. The term smoked meat refers to both the sandwich and the cured beef itself. Smoked meat is an integral part of the Montreal culinary heritage. Some even say it is the sensory experience that is synonymous with Montreal.
« If it works, why change it. »
The unofficial slogan of the smoked meat industry