Finance Your Franchising Dream: Part 2

In our previous article, we explained some basic rules you should follow before you apply for financing: evaluate your financial needs, calculate the total costs of starting your franchise company, and finally, estimate the total available amount you can invest in your business project. Sources of Financing Very few franchisees can fund 100% of their … Continued

Finance Your Franchising Dream: Part 1

Every time I speak at franchise shows and events, and meet with aspiring franchisees, I hear the same question over and again: “How can I finance my dream of becoming a franchisee and, above all, how much funding can I get?” Obviously, when you decide to open a franchise, you must expect to pay a … Continued

Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership: A Promising Model

Do you think that owning a franchise is simply not enough to satisfy your entrepreneurial ambitions? Do you think that the experience will be too boring since you are provided with the banner and everything that comes with it? Where is the adventure, the adrenaline rush you crave? Well, have you ever heard of multi-unit … Continued