The Art of Choosing the Right People to Succeed as a Franchisee

You may have noticed that in the company of some people you feel revitalized and full of energy, as if they send a breath of fresh air to invigorate you. And then there are those who make you feel drained, depressed, and empty. Well, you are right, indeed it’s true! Research by Bielefeld University in … Continued

Play Your Game… Strategically!

So you are thinking about becoming a franchisee. You go to to set up your profile. You start filling out the form and… oops! The next question is about your assets. You don’t feel at ease disclosing your personal financials, talking about your hard-earned money! Yet in business, money is a major factor. Here … Continued

Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership: A Promising Model

Do you think that owning a franchise is simply not enough to satisfy your entrepreneurial ambitions? Do you think that the experience will be too boring since you are provided with the banner and everything that comes with it? Where is the adventure, the adrenaline rush you crave? Well, have you ever heard of multi-unit … Continued

Franchisees (or future franchisees), are you ready for introspection?

“Know thyself, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” ― Sun Tzu “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ― Aristotle “To grow yourself, you must know yourself.” ― John C. Maxwell   These great philosophers agree that the key to success is in knowing yourself. But for some, these words of … Continued