Choosing My Franchise – Part 1

You are almost there, your dream of becoming your own boss is within your reach. With the help of the FlagFranchise platform, you’ve identified the available franchises that you may be interested in and finally clicked on REQUEST INFORMATION. So, what’s next? While franchisors may have their own processes and procedures, you will most likely … Continued

Play Your Game… Strategically!

So you are thinking about becoming a franchisee. You go to to set up your profile. You start filling out the form and… oops! The next question is about your assets. You don’t feel at ease disclosing your personal financials, talking about your hard-earned money! Yet in business, money is a major factor. Here … Continued

So I Send My Application… What’s Next?

After you set up your profile on the FlagFranchise platform, our business matching tool identifies the best franchise opportunities based on your preferences and capacities. You thoroughly analyze the proposed list of compatible businesses for sale and select the one that you believe suits you best. You are ready to be a franchisee! You send … Continued

Understanding Your FlagFranchise Report

You’ve done your homework: reviewed available business opportunities, reflected on your interests, affinities, strengths and skills, analyzed your budget (also read Franchisees (and Future Franchisees), Are You Ready for Introspection?), and finally, you feel ready: you are going to become a franchisee! You’ve set up your FlagFranchise profile and now you have access to a … Continued

Identify Bias: Helping You Choose Your Franchisor

From the first contact with the brand, and the franchisor, you may fall in love with the business idea, with the thought of starting your own venture, and of getting closer to your dream of being your own boss. Great! But beware: choosing a franchisor should not be done on a whim. It is a … Continued

Selecting Your Franchisor Part 3 of 3: Application

In the previous articles, we discussed the importance of introspection and self-evaluation as the first step in assessing franchising options and selecting the best franchise opportunities for you, which would make sure that your business partnership is enduring and profitable. As we said, if you want to live a rewarding franchising experience, it is important … Continued

Selecting Your Franchisor Part 2 of 3: Evaluation

What is your preference? Small-, medium- or large-size enterprises? Achievers, introverts, logical thinkers or intuitive minds? A franchise agreement is often signed for a term as long as 20 years. It is almost like marriage! The success of a union is based, firstly, on the commitment and trust between the two parties, and secondly, on … Continued

Selecting Your Franchisor – Part 1 of 3

So you wish to start your own business, but not sure where to begin? Although the idea of becoming your own boss sounds tempting, building a business from the ground up often comes with its own perils. Investing in a reputable company might be an interesting option to consider. Owning a franchise has many advantages: … Continued