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Are You Dreaming of Asia?

Your franchise journey in the restaurant business could bring you to VUA Sandwiches.

VUA Sandwiches is an ideal place for students and working people who want to avoid typical fast food. VUA is a restaurant where you can enjoy a quick bite without giving up quality. Whether you are on a run or meeting up friends, you can savour delicious Asian-inspired prepared meals or dishes made to order right in front of your eyes.


This brilliant fast food restaurant concept is based around Asian-inspired specialties: sushi, freshly prepared sandwiches, bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwiches), smoothies, bubble tea, salads, coffee, pastries, desserts…

If you like the idea of a restaurant business that takes you on a culinary adventure, your first stop should be www.FlagFranchise.com to confirm for free that this destination meets your ambitions and inspirations!

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Franchisee support and services

  • Help with site selection and lease negotiation
  • Assistance with preparing loan applications to financial institutions
  • On-site theoretical and practical training for franchisees and their staff
  • Operational support, operations manual including operating and management processes