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Multi Menu offers a franchise concept that would appeal to both businesspeople and, of course, pet lovers! Have you ever considered becoming a franchisee or a Master Franchisee? Multi Menu was founded in 1996 by Mr. Robert Beaudoin and his daughter to meet the growing demand for dry pet food delivery services. It didn’t take long before the concept became a network of 160 franchises across Canada. Since then, a new management team took over from the Beaudoin family. Focused on marketing their services, ensuring a wide selection and quality of their products, and providing superior customer service, the team has maximized the support and assistance offered to Multi Menu franchisees to build a solid nationwide distribution network. The secret of their success is in the quality of the products they carry. Their healthy pet food choices and the wide selection of pet accessories are the pride of every franchisee of this great family.

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Become the Master…of your career!

Franchisee or Master franchisee?


If you have your profile on FlagFranchise, you probably know about franchising and about being a franchisee. But have you ever considered becoming a Master Franchisee? It implies:
1-Developing and managing a major territory;
2-Providing guidance and structure to individual franchisees with regard to their plan of action, sale targets, sample distribution and references;
3-Keeping individual franchisees well informed and providing support in terms of training, programs, products, etc;
4-Providing assistance to individual franchisees in their business growth efforts;
5-Marketing and promoting Multi Menu and its products;
6-Providing guidance to individual franchisees to protect the Multi Menu trademarks and brand image: lettering on vehicles, signs, sales invoices, stationery and advertising.
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