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Become a Master Franchisee or an Canadien Area Developer for the RFG Group (Retail Food Group)!

Retail Food Group (RFG) is the largest franchising operator of retail food franchise brands in Australia. RFG in collaboration with FlagFranchise, is recruiting to find master franchisees or developers of Canadian territories to enlarge its large family. Several choices of networks are available to any investor interested to join this incredible opportunity!

RFG’s proven business models and support systems have been perfected over 25 years of operation, and the company has built an experienced and highly skilled support network to ensure the success of its franchise networks. RFG started in 1989 as owner and manager and now has 11 franchise systems, which have more than 2,400 sales outlets in more than 50 countries. *

Offering high quality products, innovative store designs and exceptional customer service, RFG’s franchise systems are among the best in Australia. Among other things, RFG is the owner, developer and manager of the franchise networks that FlagFranchise presents to you …



Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar is recognized as the brand that makes pizza more interesting! This is a pizzeria network that stands out by the way of allowing for an infinite combination of ingredients that create unique pizzas that are flavor adventures. The way of designing their pizzas is authentic and relies on instinct and measuring by hand rather than following a strict formula.

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Brumby’s Bakery is one of Australia’s most iconic bakeries. With a history of baking fresh bread every day since 1975, it has fostered a loyal legion of customers who purchase more than 10.5 million breads each year. With more than 250 stores in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, the Brumby’s network would be a great project for Canada to develop! Are you a lover of artisan bakery?

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Gloria Jean’s Coffees was launched with the sole ambition of offering the best coffee! The quality of their coffee beans is exceptional. They only use the highest quality arabica beans from different origins around the world. The beans are meticulously roasted by their master roaster in their state-of-the-art facility in Sydney and packaged fresh within 24 hours of roasting.

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Among the many franchise opportunities available with the RFG Group, Donut King is a retailer of donuts they would like to develop in Canada.
Donut King has been, for more than 30 years, more than a simple donut shop with bright colors! Donut King’s varied and tasty menu features hot dogs, milkshakes, cakes and a host of other treats.

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